Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Thank you for your Christmas cards

Hoolet says, "Thank you for your cards."

Sparragled says,"We will send you some cards."

Cushie doo says, "Thank you for the cards. We will make some for you."

Grit tit says, "I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

Maggie says, "I hope you all had a Happy Christmas."

Reid Rab says, "The cards are really nice and I hope you had a Merry Christmas."

Laverock says, "Thank you for your wonderful cards. They are all really good."

Gled says, "Thank you for your cards. All of them are fantastic."

Skart says, "Your cards are fantastic."

Wee Hoolet says, "The things you have stuck on are really good."

Blackie says, "Thank you very much."

Sea-pyot says, "Thank you for your beautiful cards. They are very good. I like the shiny bits and the glitter."

Gouden Aigle says, "I think your cards are really good. You have made some amazing designs. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope the year ahead is happy for you all."

Shilfa says, "Your cards are super."

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Having fun in the snow

School was closed again on Thursday, 7th January. However, school re-opened on Friday, 8th January, although only 14 of our class of 25 managed to get to school because the snow was so deep and our school buses were cancelled.
Mrs Edwards let us play in the snow and we had great fun!
We have been told by television news programmes that this is the coldest winter we have had for 30 years! We have certainly had lots of snow!

making a snowman

Hoolet and Sea-pyot are going to make a snowman.

stuck in the snow

Reid Rab got stuck in the snow because it was so deep. It's just as well that he had his wellingtons on!

playing in the snowy playground

We had great fun doing lots of exciting activities in our snow-covered playground.

making large snowballs

Laverock has made a huge snowball! Will she be able to lift it?

target practice

Here we are throwing snowballs, not at each other, but at targets painted on the side of our school!

snow angel

Gled is making a snow angel.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow closes school!

We were due back at school today after our Christmas break. However - due to heavy falls of snow, school was closed and we've had an extra day's holiday! Great fun!

Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

We wish all our friends in Tyssedal Barneskole a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday, 16 November 2009

The quiet area in our front garden

We have a lovely front garden at our school. Here there are beautiful plants, a bench to sit on, a bird table and places to sit for peace and quiet.

Here are Wee Bleck Hin-Maw and Feesan with Friendship Bear and Stirling Bear on the bench in the quiet area in our school's front garden.

Our Dens by Sparragled

My friends made these dens. We play Hide and Seek here at playtimes and lunchtimes. These dens are at the edge of our football pitch, at the hedge which separates our school grounds from a play park and the neighbouring houses.

Here are Osprey and Sparragled with Friendship Bear and Stirling Bear at our dens.

Our Gym Hall by Sparragled

We do P.E. in our gym hall. P.E. is fun. All our classes do P.E. in our gym hall.

Here are Osprey and Skart with Friendship Bear and Stirling Bear in our gym hall.

Our Willow Sculpture by Maggie

Our willow sculpture is where we go and play games.

Here are Gled and Maggie with Stirling Bear and Friendship Bear inside the willow sculpture.

Our Headteacher's Office by Feesan

Mrs Hilsley is our headteacher and in her office she does paperwork. Just now she is storing shoe boxes for our Shoebox appeal. We decorate shoeboxes with Christmas paper and fill them with little gifts for children who are not as fortunate as we are.

Here are Feesan and Reid Rab with Friendship Bear and Stirling Bear in Mrs Hilsley's office.

The Football Pitch by Sea-Pyot

The football pitch is where we play football. It is round the back of the school. It can also be used for playing rugby. There is a horse chestnut tree at the edge of the pitch where my friend and I look for conkers.

Here are Sea-Pyot and Earn with Friendship Bear and Stirling Bear on the football pitch.

The Staffroom by Faucon and Hoolet

The staff of our school have their breaks and lunches in the staffroom. They also hold staff meetings here.

Here are Reid Rab and Grit Tit with Friendship Bear and Stirling Bear in the staffroom.

Our Nursery by Wee Hoolet

Our school Nursery has a climbing frame outside for the nursery children to climb on. Inside the Nursery just now they have a hairdresser's shop to play in.

Here are Wee Bleck Hin-Maw, Wee Hoolet and Scoot with Friendship Bear and Stirling Bear in our school Nursery.

Alan's office by Blue Bunnet

Alan is our school janitor. His office is an important place in our school. In Alan's office there's a lot of lost property - lost jackets and jumpers, for instance. There is a camera that can see outside. The camera is connected to a computer so that Alan can see what's happening outside and he can check that no-one gets hurt in the playground.

Here are Hoolet and Blue Bunnet with Friendship Bear and Stirling Bear in Alan's office.

The Nursery Garden by Wee Bleck Hin-Maw

The Nursery garden has trikes which are fun to ride on! The garden is very pretty and the nursery children have a lot of fun when they play in it.

Here are Lintie and Laverock with Stirling Bear and Friendship Bear at the gate of the Nursery garden.

Our Library by Shilfa

In our school library there are lots of different books for everyone to read and use. In our classroom we like reading our library books. We also like to listen to Mrs Edwards reading us stories. Just now we are listening to fairy tales in English and Scots and stories about a little American girl called Ramona and her big sister, Beezus. She is very funny. We are using books to find out about food and farming as that is our current project.

Here are Cushie Doo and Tammie Norrie with Friendship Bear and Stirling Bear in our school library.

Our Wildlife Garden by Tammie Norrie

The wildlife garden is at the back of our school. It is where wildlife live and where we have to be quiet if we want to hear the birds, and see the insects.

Here are Tammie Norrie and Shilfa with Friendship Bear and Stirling Bear in the Wildlife Garden.

Our Totem Pole by Gouden Aigle

The totem pole is very special. Three years ago some people in our school made it as part of a project.

Here are Gouden Aigle and Blackie with Friendship Bear and Stirling Bear at the totem pole in our school grounds.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Hello from Hund

Hello, my name is Hund. That is Norwegian for Dog. I am a girl. I am 12 years old. I am tall and large. I have long brown hair. I have blue eyes. I have two brothers, but no sisters. My dad works at a factory and my mum is a cleaning lady. My hobby is football. My favourite food is taco. My favourite tv program is Home and Away. I have one dog and many fish. My dog's name is Tinka.

Hello from Tarantell.

My name is Tarantell, that is the Norwegian word for Tarantula. I am a girl. I am 12 years old. I am tall and average built. I have short, brown hair and brown eyes. I've got one sister and one brother. My dad work as a miner, and my mum is a pizza baker. I've got one dog called Buffy. My favourite food is taco, and my favourite tv program is Home and Away. I have lots of friends at school and lots outside school too. I like football.